The Online English-Tibetan Dictionary


Update 5/2015: Thanks to Ziran Nate Chen now if you search in Wylie you can search again in Wylie without having to reselect it! I've also added the start of a grammar cheat sheet, which has tables with the proper particles and some basic grammar patterns.

Update 2/2015: I've been slowly improving the dictionary by fixing mistakes and adding new words. I hope to add a resource for grammar soon.

ABOUT: This is the first online dictionary to translate English to modern colloquial Tibetan. Previously hosted at, I inherited it in 2010 from Tom Menke. My name is Nic Bommarito and I am currently a philosophy professor at NYU and The University at Buffalo. More about me can be found at

I hope to continue to add new words to the dictionary and correct any spelling mistakes. In the distant future I would like to add conjugations for verbs, honorifics, and example sentences. For now, if you notice any missing or misspelled words, please email me at:

nic.bommarito [at] gmail [dot] com.

Special thanks to Ziran Nate Chen and Zach Rowinski for help with many technical issues!